95-1 Sawanishi Fukujima-cho Inazawa-shi AICHI JAPAN

About us

Company Name COSMO RECYCLE CO.,Ltd
Company President Kenichi Mine
Address 95-1 Sawanishi Fukujima-Cho Inazawa-Shi AICHI JAPAN 〒492-8441
Paid-in Capital 10,000,000yen
Date of establishment July 21st 1980
Number of Employees 45 staffs
Major Banks The Bank of Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd Inazawa Branch
The Juroku Bank, Ltd Miwa Branch
The Ogaki Kyoritsu Bank, Ltd Iznazawa Branch
Main Businesses Metal Recycling
Industrial Waste Collector and Transporter/ Disposal Operator
Building Contractor
Dismantling Operator
Fluorocarbons Recovery Operator
General Waste Collector and Transporter
The list of Permits
(As of February 2018)
Industrial Waste Disposal Operator Permit in Aichi
No. 02320007061
Industrial Waste Collectors and Transporters Permit in Aichi
No. 02310007061
Industrial Waste Collectors and Transporters Permit in Gifu
No. 02100007061
Industrial Waste Collectors and Transporters Permit in Mie
No. 02400007061
Industrial Waste Collectors and Transporters Permit in Shizuoka No. 02201007061
Industrial Waste Collectors and Transporters Permit in Nagano No. 2009007061
Special Controlled Industrial Waste Collectors and Transporters Permit in Aichi No. 02360007061
Special Controlled Industrial Waste Collectors and Transporters Permit in Gifu No. 02150007061
Special Controlled Industrial Waste Collectors and Transporters Permit in Mie No. 02450007061
General Constructor Permit in Aichi No. 60304
Fluorocarbons Recovery Operators Permit No. 230205
The Registration as Waste Recycling Operator 16-780-125
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Facilities equipment and Vehicles

Our goal is 100% complete recycling rate. We keep challenging the goal by strengthening our facilities and system construction.

100% Complete Recycling Rate. This is our goal. We aim to become a company that allows customers to leave the waste with confidence through all the process from collecting, sorting out and recycling by managing each process properly. The awareness of environmental conservation around the world is increasing. It is becoming essential to handle industrial waste generated in business activities at its own responsibility. This action is called "Polluter-Pays Principle", which is a universal idea around the world nowadays. For companies with social responsibility, waste disposal is a problem that must be properly handled, and if you neglect or abandon it, there is a possibility of causing serious problems. To avoid those allegations, we support the waste management.

The list of Facilities equipment and Trucks

We are actively investing in equipment including the latest equipment in order to realize lean and smooth processing. We also prepare various types of vehicles and facilities to properly process and transport industrial waste. In addition, we clean each vehicle thoroughly to give a sense of cleanliness when visiting customers.


March 1963 Started the Collection of metal scrap and recycled paper and collection and transportation of industrial waste at Marunouchi, Aichi prefecture
March 1967 Orizu-Cho Facility Opened at Orizu Inazawa city, Aichi prefecture
July 1980 Incorporated into Mine Shouten Ltd.
January 1986 Orizu-Cho Facility relocated to newly built facility in Fukujima-Cho, Aichi prefecture. At the same time, introducing 500 ton guillotine press machine and sorting facility to the New Facility.
March 1991 Expansion of Fukujima plant, introduction of compression press facility and sorting facility
January 1995 Acquired a permit for Industrial Waste Disposal Operator to enter intermediate disposal treatment business
January 2003 Along with the reorganization, changed the company name to Cosmo Recycle Co., Ltd.
January 2004 Introduction of baler press machine to industrial waste facility
April 2006 By receiving development permission, replacing the 1,000 ton guillotine press and expanded the plant.
In addition, a biaxial crusher is newly placed in the industrial waste facility
December 2008 Newly installed uniaxial crusher for launching of fluff alternative fuel, wood fuel chip business
September 2014 Expansion of fluff alternative fuel factory by replacing the equipment