95-1 Sawanishi Fukujima-cho Inazawa-shi AICHI JAPAN

Iron Scrap Recycling

For the effective utilization of finite resources and environmental protection.

Iron material is used everywhere you see, Cars, buildings, cans etc.….
Since it’s everywhere, it’s better to recycle than leaving it as waste.
30% of all the iron products are made from recycled iron.
By recycling iron, we can save about 65% of the energy to make iron from Iron ores.

How the Iron Scraps are recycled and
How Cosmo Recycle is involved.

You are not sure if we accept?
Please contact us and find out.

The list of Iron Scrap Commodities

Heavy Metal Products ・Iron Scraps・Busheling・Machinery・

  • Steel Frames

  • Empty Cans

The list of Non-Iron Scrap Commodities

Copper・Stainless Steels・Aluminums・Other Non-Iron Scraps.

  • Aluminum Sash

  • Electric Wire

※We accept some other scraps that weren’t on the lists.
Please contact us for more details.

Facility and Vehicles

Guillotine Press Machine  
Pressing Machine  
Bell Press Machine  
Fixed Scrap Loader  
Screening Machine  
25 ton Truck
4 ton Truck
10 ton Hiab Loader Crane Truck
8 ton Hiab Loader Crane Truck
Truck with Crane
6 ton Arm Roll Truck
4 ton Arm Roll Truck
Packer Truck
Dump Truck
8 ton Truck
Power Gate Truck
Forklift Trucks

Waste Plastic Recycling Facility

1000 ton Guillotine Machine

Pressing Machine

Tower Crane