95-1 Sawanishi Fukujima-cho Inazawa-shi AICHI JAPAN

Our Management Policy

We strive to protect the global environment through recycling activities.

The Necessity for the global environment protection is increasing day by day
It is getting more difficult for both companies and homes to handle waste properly.
At our company, Under the basic philosophy "Recycling protect the future environment",
We recycle not only recyclable resources but also the things that we just through away by separating properly.

The recyclable garbage that is discharged from home can not be recycled by simply neglecting a little effort
If we learn the proper recycling knowledge sufficiently from childhood, We can realize a the earth- friendly environment.
"Recycling starts from home." In the future, we would like to actively participate in such awareness raising activities.

Recycling is the last stronghold in economic activities.
It is a meaningful work that can root in the community and contribute to the society.
We keep improving the work environment and working conditions so that young people who are responsible for the future
society can proudly say "I'm glad I entered this company".

“Recycling.” Would you please have just a little more interest from now?
For the Earth and for the future of children.....

The Message from the President

The voice of locals matters. We will steadily walk with local people.

In the last ten years or so, the term "recycling" has come to be recognized rapidly.
Many people are grasping as a familiar issue about conservation of the global environment and construction of a recycling society Nowadays. Our company has been involved in this industry for over 40 years since our founder President's era. As a company deeply rooted in the community, we study the steady management suited to the local society without running unnecessarily expansion. This attitude will not change in future. Since we are consistently handling from dismantling to waste disposal / transportation and recycling, please consult about anything regardless of waste. With the spirit of our policy of "Let’s try ", we are willing to continue walking along with local people for their benefits and contribution to the society.


The Origin of company name and logo mark

About the company name "Cosmo Recycle Co., Ltd."

The word “Cosmo” means the world and the universe. "Building a harmonious world in which proper recycling is carried out" we believe that is our goal and responsibility. "Cosmo Recycle Co., Ltd" is the name of the company with such thought.

About our company logo

Our company logo symbolizes a boomerang and moon.
"Boomerang" that comes back to the thrower embodies the mechanism of recycling.
In addition, we want to watch over this society reborn as a recycling society like the moon always keeps watching the earth quietly.

Our Environmental Policy

The Basic Principal

We, Cosmo Recycle Co., Ltd., continues to protect the global environment for the children by establishing the recycling- oriented society as a global citizen.
We promise to keep making changes for the beautiful earth and the children.

Environmental Conduct Policy

  1. As a member of the community, we will comply with laws and regulatory requirements including environmental laws and regulations.
  2. We will keep improving service quality and environmental impact.
    We also care about customer satisfaction and preventing environmental pollution at the same
  3. We will try for effective use of energy such as electricity and fuel in our business activities.
  4. We maintain policies concerning work quality and work environment and release it to the public. We also promise to keep running our company with clear purpose and target by notify all employees so that our employees can improve their skills by acknowledging the goal.
  5. By reviewing the performance result regularly, we keep working on continuous improvement.

April 1st 2004

Cosmo Recycling Co.,Ltd is a company that raises people.

Our company regularly holds study meetings once a month, we are also focusing on employee education. We invites various lecturers such as safety education specialist, professional of vehicle and insurance as well as recycling experts. We are conducting the education and training for employees with the phrase "Grow as professional recycling operators and as a social worker".