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Plastic Waste・Mixed Waste

Changing Plastic Waste to Fuel and materials We challenge 100% recycling rate.

We support waste plastic recycling with total process.
Waste Plastic can be recycled as thermoplastic resin pellets or fluff alternative fuel.
Plastics are made from oil. One of the advantages compared with heavy oil or coal is that oil produce less CO2 than other two.
We challenge 100% recycling rate with low cost and better choice for the environment.

Let’s see how we process.

We accept Mixed Waste!

There are various kinds of waste that comes out from construction and demolition work site.
Waste Woods, Scrap Metal, Waste glass, Iron Scrap, Concrete blocks and waste fluorescent lights etc.… comes out through the work. Those Mixed waste contains resources that can be recycled. However, it is difficult to classify the waste so only 20% of the Mixed Waste is recycled nowadays. There are strict rules to recycle and process all the waste without violating the law. Please contact us to process the waste right.

Mixed Waste Processing Workflow